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XV EXPOMIN, THE CENTER OF WORLD MINING IN CHILE The largest mining tradeshow of Latin America is an established space that promotes transference of knowledge, experiences but especially offers technologies that contribute to the innovation and productivity increase of mining processes, which makes this country´s tradeshow a great platform for worldwide opportunities. Its 15th version brings together all the sectors and has the largest gathering of national and international, suppliers companies of excellence. It is considered a privilege place for suppliers, professionals and executives that represent the mining industry value chain to interact. In the face of new scenarios and challenges that have an impact productivity, EXPOMIN brings together a sector that’s strongly focused on technological innovation, improving on the industry´s competitiveness, to provide a solution to the needs and strengthen long-term development. International Participation The participation of exhibitors and International Pavilions at Expomin, along with professionals from different countries, reinforce the integration of the Latin-American and global markets. GERMANY • ARGENTINA • AUSTRALIA • AUSTRIA • BELGIUM • BELARUS • BRAZIL • CANADA • CHINA • COLOMBIA • DENMARK • SPAIN • UNITED STATES • FINLAND • FRANCE • GREECE • NETHERLANDS • INDIA • ENGLAND • IRELAND • ITALY • JAPAN • LUXEMBOURG • MEXICO • PANAMA • PERU • POLAND • CZECH REPUBLIC • REPUBLIC OF KOREA • SOUTH AFRICA • SWEDEN • SWITZERLAND • TAIWAN • TURKEY • URUGUAY • ISRAEL • NEW ZEALAND

Expomin 2018 Expomin 2018
Expomin 2018 Expomin 2018
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