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Welcome to Expomin Assembly Registration 2018 • To access: you must request register codes to the email • Remember that maximum amount of assembly badges are 15 for company. • Complete register formulary for every code requested to create your badges.   Important: 1- This formulary ONLY register ASSEMBLY badges (do not operate during exhibition period) 2- It is mandatory to entry ID to send out the badges, otherwise, it will not be generated. 3- ID is personal. It generates just one for ID. 4- Assembly badges applications are just accepted until April 16. 5- Once register finished, you will receive instructions in your e-mail to get your badges.   Exhibitors do not require assembly badges. Contact us: (+56 2) 2530 7010 (+56 2) 2530 7211

Expomin 2018 Expomin 2018
Expomin 2018 Expomin 2018
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