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With 28 years in the market of lifting and hauling equipment, Prowinch will once again be present at Expomin, the largest international mining fair, exhibiting its new products, establishing and strengthening ties with the most important customers worldwide.

Publicada: Thursday 23 de March del 2023
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In 1995 Prowinch was born, a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of winches, hoists, cranes, overhead cranes and all kinds of customized solutions for lifting and pulling loads. In its early years, Prowinch focused mainly on product development and opening business in the domestic market, then began its international expansion in 2008. Today its headquarters are located in the United States, with facilities and distribution points in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and China, from where it provides services to various international markets. Since its inception, the company’s focus has centered not only on basic concepts such as product quality, but also on the development of innovative solutions for the specific needs of each industry – among them the automation and programming of highly complex control panels – that are at the same time user-friendly for the execution of functions, making the operation of its customers easier and safer. Thanks to these developments, Prowinch now holds several design patents and inventions currently used in the industry. “One of our greatest achievements in 2022 is to have obtained UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification for several of our line hoists, but especially for our facilities in the United States, this allows us to manufacture and certify under the UL standard industrial control panels tailored to each customer”. According to Agostino Mattoli, General Manager of Prowinch: “Quality and safety are part of our culture, all our processes are certified with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.” Among the clients that operate with Prowinch are important public and private companies around the world, such as, MineSense Technologies, CODELCO, COLLAHUASI, Anglo American, Vial y Vives, Manuelita, Cerrejón, Emeraldas Mining Services, Space X, NASA, European Southern Observatories (ESO), Precise Aviation, Landing Gear Technologies, Gulfstream Marine, DELTA Engineering, Continental Aerospace Technologies, among others. “And we are just getting started. The last 15 years have been marked by geographic growth in new markets consolidating the trust of world-class industries at national and international level. Today in this new stage, we are even more focused on innovation and the development of technological solutions in applications in which before it seemed impossible to participate and, thanks to our certifications, we have a solid and internationally recognized backing.” “Being present at Expomin is one of the most important opportunities for companies like ours. It is the main showcase at international level where we once again have the opportunity to show the innovative spirit of Prowinch LLC.”

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