Abastible brings value to mining with consultancies that increase productivity ensuring operational

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Continuity Hand in hand with innovation, with a robust portfolio and with the advice of a team of highly qualified engineers. Abastible designs and develops integral energy solutions that adapt to the particularities of each process to achieve a more efficient, clean and reliable performance in operational continuity. Greater productivity, reduction in cost and consumption of fuels, reduction of CO2 emissions and the reincorporation of heat used in the cathode washing circuit, are some of the concrete benefits offered by the portfolio of Energy Solutions that Abastible has been developing and that seeks to contribute massively in the mining industry. Abastible has identified four major areas in copper processing where there is the potential for energy optimization: boilers and water heaters, SX-EW processes, drying and smelting. To this end, it designed solutions that increase productivity by reducing process times, combining the use of technologies in an innovative way with the advantage of liquefied gas (GL) of generating fewer emissions compared to other fossil fuels, and its ability to complement NCRE. These energy solutions are the result of expert consulting by a team of professionals who work collaboratively so that the mining client obtains real opportunities to optimize their processes, make a difference in their productivity and generate environmental impacts, in addition to responding to new regulations. Given the guidelines of the recently enacted Energy Efficiency Law, the company offers the implementation services of the Energy Management System (SGE), together with the Verification and Monitoring of Energy Savings and Emissions with BlockChain technology. “The energy challenges faced by the different mining projects require integral solutions that allow maintaining operational continuity, and increasing productivity under environmental regulations, because the mere delivery of a fuel is not enough. Abastible has understood this and develops a first-class service that adapts exactly to the needs of each project, having a specialized team that advises, designs, implements and accompanies the client throughout the energy transformation process, guaranteeing a service of excellence and very committed “explains the Commercial Manager Bulk and Energy Solutions of Abastible, Ignacio Mackenna. Solutions tailored to each process In the case of boilers for the SX-EW process, part of the heat production by combustion is not recovered, either by energy losses due to high exhaust gas temperatures, by incomplete combustion or through the mantle by radiation, Given the current way of operation, Abast

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