ABCDust at EXPOMIN 2021: company specialized in dust and soil control in large mining

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Press Expomin –

The company offers smart and sustainable dust management and soil stabilization solutions for mining, forestry and construction companies. Its mission is to improve the health and safety of workers vulnerable to dust emissions. It is also committed to increasing the productivity of each of its customers through its intelligent and optimized solutions according to the required operation. The company states: “Our solutions combine high-performance additives for dust control and soil stabilization, advanced particulate matter sensors, controlled application equipment and an integrated management system to offer our customers better sustainable performance for their sites, while ensuring worker safety.” In addition, he adds: “Our innovations and policies have R&D as the central axis to develop world-class solutions in high dust suppression and soil stabilization; always environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable, in collaboration with the main universities, technology centers and suppliers in Canada, Chile, the United States and other countries. Each task, each route is different and requires a solution adapted to the demands and conditions of the site. That is why our solutions begin with a study of the soils, an evaluation of the operating and environmental conditions and end with a customized product and protocol. For that, we use advanced sensors and a management platform that allows us to optimize the performance of our products for different road segments and introduce improvements when necessary. Our innovative approach brings different disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, polymer science, electronics, computer science, geomatics and automation, to improve our products and the way we do things, leading to high-impact solutions. Sustaining the pace of innovation and optimization of solutions with results valued by our customers, is a great commitment of constant investment that exceeds 20% of our budget, but that gratifies us with sustained growth in the quality of our results in each client and the environment we help to take care of.

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