Almex to showcase its conveyor system monitoring and maintenance products at Expomin

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Almex Group has been a leading manufacturer of conveyor belt vulcanizing equipment for over 50 years and will be exhibiting its products at Expomin 2021 to be held October 25-29 this year. With 18 locations, customers in 123 countries and a global network of exclusive distributors, Almex Group has expanded to be a family of brands that support all aspects of conveyor system monitoring and maintenance. SA2000+ CEMENT Ideal for all types of coatings, conveyor belt repairs and cold splices, its new formulation allows for the highest quality adhesion, ideal for heavy-duty environments. SUPERSPOTTER MAX The latest spot vulcanizing equipment designed for damage and tear repairs in heavy duty environments. It can be used to repair minor tears and damage in the field, with easy adaptability to all types of belts. EMSYS BELT ASSET MANAGEMENT It is a complete system of solutions designed for the detection of damage, longitudinal cuts and misalignments in conveyor belts, among which the following stand out: LSRS System: Continuously monitors the conveyor belt through its Smartwires antennas, each of these can be installed in only 60 minutes v/s the 6 or 8 hours of a conventional inductive antenna. WSR System: Modern system that not only monitors the conveyor belt for longitudinal damage, but also constantly monitors its edges. BSG System: Dynamically aligns the belt autonomously. Beltgard: Continuously monitors the cable conveyor belt for damage. Almex Monitoring: Remote, continuous and customized monitoring system to protect conveyor equipment from emerging damage. ALMEXPAD SENIOR 3.0 A 10″ ruggedized touchscreen device, it can interface with SG1 or T6GFXP controls wirelessly to provide real-time display of relevant parameters such as temperature and pressure during splicing

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