Andes Motor joins Expomin 2021!

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Andes Motor, a leading national company, representative of the main manufacturers of trucks, vans, buses, vans and machinery in the world, will be present in a new edition of Expomin, the most important mining exhibition in Latin America. The commercial vehicle brand will present its broad portfolio of products that meet the needs of the country’s main productive sectors. In addition, those attending the largest mining and industrial event in the region will be able to learn about Andes Motor’s advanced and complete electromobility line of electric buses and vans, where Maxus vans have already been chosen by renowned mining companies in the country and today are part of the sustainability plans of the organizations. “Undoubtedly, this instance has an enormous significance for both the regional and national mining sector, which is why in Andes Motor we work to continue contributing to the development of the country and our strategic partners. Therefore, participating in Expomin 2021 becomes a great opportunity to present important innovations associated with our line of machinery, trucks, buses and vans. Innovations that will further strengthen our portfolio and that we are sure will be a contribution to the activities of this important productive sector for Chile, such as mining, which is why we will make some launches during Expomin week”, revealed the general manager of Andes Motor, Luis Izquierdo. For the company with more than ten years in the automotive sector, this occasion means a great showcase and opportunity to meet with customers, advise them and show the news and innovations they currently have. In this way, in addition, to deliver solutions tailored to the real needs of consumers. “In recent times, the mining sector is undergoing a process of multiple changes that involve the incorporation of more technology and the acquisition of the best alternatives that exist in the market in terms of transportation and machinery. At Andes Motor we are committed to contribute to each of its objectives. Our company has the widest portfolio of commercial vehicles and solutions according to market requirements, which have high standards of quality, safety, efficiency and comfort, attributes that today are indispensable for customers”. said the executive of the leading company in commercial vehicle brands. Andes Motor has almost a decade of experience and history in the Chilean market, with the broadest product portfolio of commercial vehicles capable of responding to the different requirements and solutions needed by the most relevant productive sectors of the country and that is part of the portfolio that will be presented during this event. Currently, the company represents and distributes Foton, a company that specializes in trucks and stands out for its Aumark and Auman lines, in addition to electric buses with high safety standards, which have become ideal models for passenger transportation in the public and private systems. Andes Motor’s offer also includes Maxus, which has become one of the most preferred brands by Chileans through its T60 pickup truck. Likewise, with its electric models Maxus leads sales in electromobility, highlighting among them the EV30, van that was crowned as the best Commercial Vehicle of the year in the Chilean Motor Specialized Press Awards 2021. SANY, the main machinery manufacturer in China and within the top 5 worldwide, also belongs to the Andes Motor family, where it has achieved an outstanding participation for its leadership in the commercialization of excavators and mini-excavators. Complementing its wide range of products and brands, the company also represents and distributes the renowned Brazilian chassis manufacturer Agrale, with which we have developed the first regional urban bus with RED standard.

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