Antirion is a risk management web service present at expomin 2021

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Antirion is a web risk management service entirely developed in chile to respond to the needs of your mining. due to the wide coverage of its features and the intimate integration between its software modules, it results in a powerful tool to prevent the occurrence of incidents and losses in safety, health, environment, quality, community and assets. the activity of managing risks produces a formidable amount of data on a daily basis, posing challenges that increase as the organization grows and the legal and regulatory requirements become more demanding, which leads to more and more actors that need to intervene in the risk management processes of the organization, in a joint work between workers, managers and supervisors. these two powerful reasons make it essential to use automation tools that have the ability to transform data into information. Experience has taught us, today more than ever, that when these tools are based on web technologies deployed through the internet, their efficiency is several orders of magnitude higher than trying to do the same through internal computer solutions, often based on excel spreadsheets. what distinguishes antirion is that the software has been designed precisely to act as a powerful management engine that transforms data into information for preventive decision making, away from data repositories, useful but not aimed at solving the problem. our applications have been successfully employed in different mining organizations in chile and latin america from 2008 onwards, and we can say, with all certainty, that antirion is a solid and long-term response to the risk management challenges that you must face and solve successfully every day. antirion, a strategic partner to trust

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