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AST Industrial specialists in Torque and Bolt Tensioning (Tools and Services), at Expomin 2023.

In AST INDUSTRIAL we are dedicated to provide Tools and Services specialized in Torque and Tensioning in areas such as Mining, Petroleum Refineries, Oil Refineries, […]

Publicada: Thursday 9 de March del 2023
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We have more than 20 years of experience serving the Heavy Industry, with the objective of offering Technological Solutions for Bolted Joints through Torque and Tensioning. In AST we perform Torque and Tensioning Services, with highly trained personnel, with a wide variety of tools and high performance standards, we easily adapt to different technical needs and work environments. We have a wide portfolio of tools for: Torque: – Hydraulic – Electric – Battery – Pneumatic – Manual – Spike Cutter Wrenches (Electric and Manual) – Hydraulic Pumps Tensioning: – Wind Farms – Oil Refineries – Mining – Tensioning Pumps Cylinders: – High Tonnage Cylinders – Lifting Pumps Bevelers: – Electric – Pneumatic Distributors and Representatives of: – Alkitronic – Boltingtec – Texas Controls – Hanpu – Norwolf Tools – Acradyne – Sawyer Fmg – Nodha – Dakota Ultrasonics We also have our own technical service with specialized technicians to prevent and/or solve problems and breakdowns that may arise in the different equipment, along with the management of certification of the tools that are with their expired certification leaving them operational and in force (INN if necessary). We always offer advice and training, helping to analyze the physical characteristics of the product, its operation, acquiring knowledge and skill around the use of torque tools, tensioning or other equipment in particular. AST Industrial is a strategic ally, specialist in the delivery of bolted joints solutions.

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