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BHP: Sustainable growth for the world of the future

BHP is a global resources company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. We operate in more than 90 locations around the world with more than 70,000 employees. Our teams work to produce the commodities the world needs to grow and decarbonize. Copper for renewable energy, nickel for electric vehicles, potash for food security and iron ore to produce the steel needed for global infrastructure.

Publicada: Wednesday 5 de April del 2023
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Our region groups our operations in the Americas and we have exploration projects and non-operated joint ventures in Chile, Brazil, Peru, the United States and Canada. In the country we operate Escondida, Spence and Cerro Colorado, all certified under the Copper Mark. Since November 2020, Rag Udd is President Americas. With more than 35 years of presence in Chile, at BHP we seek to grow and become more competitive every day, in order to maintain our leadership in the industry and to continue generating mutual benefits in the places where we operate. During the last decade alone, we have invested US$18 billion to continue growing in Chile. Our purpose is to bring people and resources together to build a better world. We cannot grow competitively if we do not generate Social Value in everything we do and in every business decision we make. Social Value is the positive contribution we make to society, our people, the economy, the environment and local communities. We seek to create sustainable growth now and in the long term by setting clear goals. One example is the goal that by 2030, at least 30% of the land we manage will be under conservation, restoration or rehabilitation practices. We have been pioneers in issues that are fundamental for Chile and for the modern world: 15 years ago and with an investment of US$4 billion, we built the first desalination plant in South America, which today allows us to operate Escondida only with desalinated water, as well as the Spence concentrator. In terms of inclusion and diversity, today we lead the Chilean industry in the representation of women, with 30% of our staff being female, almost tripling the average for mining companies in the country. In addition, we decided to terminate our fossil energy-based contracts early, to move to the exclusive use of clean energy in our operations in Chille. We will continue to grow in a sustainable manner and to be a company whose resources are fundamental for the modern world. BHP joins Expomin as a strategic partner, sponsoring a mining pavilion focused on innovation to support the participation of national start-ups. As the world’s largest mining company, BHP will have a presence on panels aligned with our purpose: challenges in mining, sustainability trends, energy efficiency in the industry, carbon footprint reduction, people development, and inclusion and diversity.

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