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Ecocopter: The integral solution in aerial services for the mining and energy industry

The Chilean company, leader in the aeronautical industry, has one of the most modern helicopter fleets in the Southern Cone of America. It has its own Maintenance Center, an engine shop and first class pilots, which allows it to have aircraft with a sense of urgency, efficiency and safety. [...]

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Trimble, innovation and technology present at Expomin 2023

Trimble Inc. is a software, hardware and services technology company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Trimble supports the global industries of engineering and construction, agriculture, geospatial, natural resources and utilities, among others, to improve their work processes through precision technology, being today one of the leading innovative companies in the engineering world. [...]

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Geocom: Geospatial solutions in Expomin 2023

Geocom is focused on the delivery of integral geospatial solutions in the areas of mining, construction, engineering, forestry, civil works, marine and port and infrastructure, involving in this process governmental, private and academic entities. [...]

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ZKteco will be present in Expomin 2021


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ITRS presents at Expomin 2021

With over 75 years of accumulated experience, ITRS has forged its reputation as the destination for absolutely all tire repair needs. Not only do we provide the necessary tools to repair tires of any size [...]

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Motorola Solutions demonstrates how to bring Chile closer to the Mining of the Future

Motorola Solutions presents at Expomin 2021 the latest innovation technologies in critical operation, designed to provide mining with state-of-the-art technology for more effective decision making, [...]

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I&M Ingeniería y Mantención Ltda at Expomin 2021

I&M Ingeniería y Mantención Ltda. was born from the activity of Research and Consulting that, in the academic field, its General Manager played for many years, added to a trajectory of more than 40 years in mining developing […] [...]

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PcVue Solutions software developer present at Expomin 2021

PcVue Solutions is a software development company, which in turn offers hardware and applications as a global service for various markets, innovating since 1981 with headquarters in France. [...]

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DataCiencia at Expomin 2021

DataCiencia we have solved the challenges of our clients with solutions based on advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. From process robotization systems [...]

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Antirion is a risk management web service present at expomin 2021

Antirion is a web risk management service entirely developed in chile to respond to the needs of your mining. due to the wide coverage of its features and the intimate integration between its software modules, [...]

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