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GEOCOM will exhibit geospatial solutions in a new version of EXPOMIN

Since 1985, Geocom delivers geospatial solutions and offers advice to mining and other companies through technologies to increase their productivity, [+] [...]

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Reicotex: Textile technology

Reicotex is a company dedicated to the design, development and production of filter cloths for the world of mining. [...]

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Trex Equipment and Services, for high-risk jobs

It offers a set of products and services, ranging from crane rental, sale of spare parts, training, advice, inspections, feasibility studies and automation, among others. [...]

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Danus Connections SpA: Experts in providing solutions in industrial inputs

Our clients are industries, contractors and trade of industrial inputs, covering all the companies of the industrial sector. [...]

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Eclipse Mining Technologies: A New Standard for Mining Technology

Eclipse Mining Technologies offers innovative technology of continuous evolution, ready for the future. [...]

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Macme at EXPOMIN: Discovering the path to innovation

Each footwear model is responsible for protecting workers, providing comfort and complying with the Chilean safety standard. [...]

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Condumex at EXPOMIN at the forefront in the manufacture of electrical conductors

“This allows mining companies savings in the replacement of new cables and repairs for accidental damage” [...]

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ABB, more than 65 years in the mining market

Interview with the manager of the Robotics and Motion Division of ABB Chile at EXPOMIN 2018. [...]

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Komatsu: Pioneers in automation

Carlos Aguilera, Manager of the Komatsu Chile autonomous system: “Komatu was the first in the world to start operating with autonomous technology”. [...]

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Metso, the mining of the future

Interview with Metso General Manager, Eduardo Nilo. [...]

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