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Corroxion (tscorrosion spa) at expomin 2021

Company specialized in the Representation and Commercialization of Anticorrosive products and materials, of the highest resistance and performance. Premier Line- Densona (Winn & Coales uk – USA) [...]

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Duhovit company present at EXPOMIN 2021

We currently have two products: Smart PLS – Intelligent Irrigation in Leaching & SimuTag – Forced Management Software Smart PLS: It is a software that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms [...]

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ERICSSON present at EXPOMIN 2021

Founded in 1876 in Stockholm, Sweden, present in Chile for more than 75 years, Ericsson is the protagonist of the main technological leaps achieved in the country and in the world, being a benchmark in technology, communications, hardware, software and services. [...]

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Fahneu: innovative solutions, anti uv shade, creating safe and healthy environments in mining sites (hse)

Fahneu, a Chilean company with more than 55 years of experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for urban spaces, with presence in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, [...]

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ABCDust at EXPOMIN 2021: company specialized in dust and soil control in large mining

The company offers smart and sustainable dust management and soil stabilization solutions for mining, forestry and construction companies. Its mission is to improve the health and safety of workers vulnerable to dust emissions. [...]

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J&A International S.A. specialists in surface technology solutions An engineering company specialized in surface technological solutions.

We market a wide range of equipment and products from leading manufacturers worldwide that allow us to deliver solutions for the recovery, protection and machining of metal surfaces of optimal quality. [...]

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VIAS SPA is presented at EXPOMIN as leaders in electric heaters

In VIAS SPA, we offer our customers in the industrial sector, optimal solutions that meet their requirements, innovating in heat generation products by electrical means. [...]

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EXPOMIN 2021: MineraArcs Systems: with more than 20 years delivering quality solutions

MineARC Systems, with more than 2,800 shelters in more than 65 countries, is the world leader in controlled environments and safety technologies for underground mining, tunneling, the chemical industry and the biotechnology industry. [...]

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RCa-D company dedicated to Engineering, Automation and Services arrives at EXPOMIN 2021

We are pleased to present RCa-D, a company dedicated to Engineering, Automation and Various Services. We are an organization oriented to innovative solutions [...]

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Fernorte Industrial, the specialists in controlled torque present at Expomin 2021

Fernorte, a company dedicated to the field of industrial hardware located in the commune of Antofagasta. With 18 years of experience, they are specialists in controlled [...]

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