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Mobil™ international company with more than 50 years of experience in the national market through Copec present

As usual, being present at the largest mining fair in Latin America, which promotes the transfer of knowledge, experiences and especially the offer of technologies that contribute to innovation and increase the productivity of mining processes [...]

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Forestal Picoe, Argentine company that arrives at Expomin 2021

Forestal Pico is an Argentine company that manufactures Steel Balls for grinding minerals. It has a plant capacity 60 KTONS of laminated and heat-treated balls. [...]

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Nexans for operationa excellence and safety

To meet the extraction, loading and transport challenges of today’s mining companies, Nexans has developed POWERMINE® cables and cable solutions for both underground and open cast sites. [...]

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Riosan Cia Ltda represents ROSTA in Chile and will be present at Expomin 2021

ROSTA a Swiss brand is distributed in Chile by Riosan Cia Ltda, provides solutions for different applications mining and industrial applications. [...]

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INNRA arrives at expomin 2021 with technological innovations

We are a company that offers its customers technological innovations that allow them to generate productivity advantages in the future. Our teams are designed to provide [...]

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DOME TECHNOLOGY: Environmentally friendly will be at Expomin 2021

More storage. More compact. More resistant and durable. Optimal protection of the stored product. Safer. Environmentally friendly. This is dome technology’s reinforced concrete DOMO silos. [...]

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CONSTRUCTION UNLIMITED… The company takes the slogan literally.

Whether it be shafts, tunnels or civil engineering, customers can rely fully on the firm’s expertise, experience and competence. ÖSTU-STETTIN Hoch- u. Tiefbau GmbH realizes the visions of customers. [...]

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SIGMA S.A will be at Expomin 2021 promoting technological integration and digital transformation

We are a start-up of the service company SIGMA S.A. – a company with more than 10 years of experience in the industrial and mining sector – formed in 2018, SIDTEC contributes to the development of innovation projects to improve processes through the integration of technologies and digital transformation. [...]

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Company Kratos Sling SPA present at Expomin 2021: specialists in cargo moorings

Kratos Sling SPA, is a national production company specialized in Lifting and Mooring of cargo. [...]

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Abastible brings value to mining with consultancies that increase productivity ensuring operational

Continuity Hand in hand with innovation, with a robust portfolio and with the advice of a team of highly qualified engineers. Abastible designs and develops integral energy solutions that adapt to the particularities of each process to achieve [...]

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