Sector Statistics

Cochilco, 2018:

Yearbook: Copper and Other Mineral Statistics

This yearbook contains production and export statistics; history of mining taxation, investment, employment and costs. It also provides information about the state of strategic inputs.

Friday 29 de March del 2019

IX Mining Ministries Congress of the Americas. Lima. November the 20th, 2018.

Mining stage in Latin America and the Caribbean: challenges and opportunities for a sustainable development

Sub-secretary executive speech from the United Nations Economy Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Bárcena.

Friday 29 de March del 2019

To June, 2018

Mining Investment Project from Mining Council companies

The Mining Council makes a record of the publicly-known projects informed by its companies.

Friday 29 de March del 2019

Mining Competences Council Study

Chilean Mining labor force 2017-2026; Diagnosis and Recommendations

Labor force Study is one of the main bases of the Mining Competences Council because it focuses on the urgent gaps.

Friday 29 de March del 2019

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