CCM-Eleva and Expomin start sponsorship tour to TP high schools

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Press Expomin –

On May 19, Expomin began its Sponsorship Tour to four technical-professional high schools linked to mining education, which are seeking to obtain the CCM Quality Seal.

The tour began with a field visit to the San Mateo Technological Institute, located in the Metropolitan Region (Pudahuel district), which is seeking to certify its Electronics specialty with the CCM Quality Seal. The latter certifies that the training program is aligned with the Qualifications Framework for Mining, ensuring both the quality and the validity of the learning received by its students and future professionals.

During the on-site visit, Armando Valenzuela, GL Events’ Director of Development, said that “through this activity we seek to invest in social capital and especially in new young students, with the ultimate goal of reducing the gaps that exist in the training establishments and the communities that comprise them”.

He also indicated the importance of sponsoring the electronics program, so that students can develop in various fields, including mining. He also invited the community to be part of the 15th World Mining Exhibition and Congress for Latin America, Expomin 2023, which will be held in the new Fisa Park, located – like the Institute visited – in the Pudahuel district.

Along the same lines, Vladimir Glasinovic, director of the Eleva Program (CCM-Eleva alliance) added that, “this is a sign of support that Expomin, a private institution, is giving today to four different high schools related to mining, from different regions of the country, and which seek to be aligned with the requirements of the industry. The process of obtaining the Quality Seal will allow the establishments to refine their training programs, ensuring better employability of their graduates. We hope that more companies can join in sponsoring this process to continue improving education and training in Chile”.

The director of the school, Fernanda Fredes, who received the delegation, said that “this certification is very important for us, since professional development is part of our mission and vision. And undoubtedly this will help us tremendously to achieve better practices and graduate better professional technicians. These are two years of specialty, aimed at men and women in 3rd and 4th grades, who learn everything about electronics, assembly and circuitry, robotics, among other subjects”.

The tour will continue on May 27 with a visit to the Instituto Tecnológico Minero Bernardo O’Higgins (located in Rancagua, O’Higgins Region), to continue in June with visits to the Liceo Minero de América (Calama, Antofagasta Region) and the Liceo Bicentenario Manuel Magalhaes Medling (Diego de Almagro, Atacama Region).

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