Mining Competences Council Study

Chilean Mining labor force 2017-2026; Diagnosis and Recommendations

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Labor force Study is one of the main bases of the Mining Competences Council because it focuses on the urgent gaps; the ones about people quantity -or skills shortage- and those about information appropriateness -or skills gaps- as those related to human capital management (as retirement and woman incorporation, for example). Those three gaps and the Mining Qualification Framework are the lines that give structure to the objective of the initiative.

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On this edition, projection with information from 13 mines (42,000 workers) and 16 suppliers’ companies (14,538 workers) were included from an investment portfolio with high production facility. Under these circumstances, it is estimated that the mining labor force will reach 29,300 workers at the end of the decade, same estimation as the ones published. New projects of the decade were included, ones that had decreased (11,300 work positions are estimated) as retirement projections, which had maintained (18,069 workers that will probably retire).

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