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Cocesa Prysmian Group: Chilean company Cobre Cerrillos present at EXPOMIN 2021

The Chilean company Cobre Cerrillos (COCESA) was founded in Santiago in 1950 and today is part of Prysmian Group, the world leader in the electrical cable industry.

Publicada: Wednesday 15 de September del 2021
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The Chilean company Cobre Cerrillos (COCESA) was founded in Santiago in 1950 and today is part of Prysmian Group, the world leader in the electrical cable industry. The Chilean company Cobre Cerrillos S.A. (Cocesa) is part of Prysmian Group, the world leader in the manufacture of copper, aluminum and fiber optic electrical conductors in the energy, industry, specialties and communications segments. Cocesa was founded in 1950 in Santiago and as of 2018 is part of Prysmian Group, an Italian company based in Milan, specialized in the production of electrical cables and fiber optics for the energy, mining, industry and telecommunications sectors. Prysmian is present in more than 50 countries around the world with 106 factories, 25 “research and development” centers and around 29,000 employees, with a strategic position that allows us to quickly meet the needs of emerging markets and communities. Its power cables are sold for industrial applications in a wide range of industries, including nuclear, petroleum, renewable energy, defense, mining, marine, rail, aviation, automotive, aerospace and electro-medical. Prysmian also provides power transmission cable systems, such as underground and submarine high-voltage cables and solutions for power distribution networks to TSO (Transmission System Operators) and utilities. Prysmian also produces construction cables with special fire behavior characteristics that are essential in major commercial and residential properties, and serves the telecommunications industry with multimedia cable, optical, fiber optic and copper cable solutions. In Latin America Prysmian Group has 13 manufacturing plants distributed in Brazil (5), Mexico (4), Costa Rica (1), Chile (1), Colombia (1) and Argentina (1), plus two distribution centers in Ecuador and Peru, which provide approximately 9% of the company’s total turnover. In these territories Prysmian produces power cables (copper and aluminum cables of low, medium or high voltage mainly dedicated to powering electrical equipment from the energy point of view) and Telecom (cables for telecommunications). With all this, Cocesa Prysmian Group has added a wide catalog of products and solutions ranging from submarine cables to micro cables for “data centers” and for 5G network infrastructures. Today it has one of the most modern plants in the country with first-class facilities and technology, which allows it to deliver complete solutions for all kinds of needs. Within the multi-brand strategy that Prysmian Cocesa is already implementing, the portfolio of specialized brands that lead the segments in both energy and fiber optics will be maintained. This is how the General Cable brand is still present in the electrical cables segment and the Draka brand in the fiber optic and telecommunications cables segment. Both will continue to make a presence in the Chilean market to meet demand in such important areas as mining, solar energy, wind energy, telecommunications and 5G networks, among others. Both for its long history and for the high level of production, Cocesa Prysmian Group has played a fundamental role in the development of Chile and other countries in the region, delivering solutions to electricity companies, mining, paper mills, food companies and retail, among others. For more information we invite you to visit our website chile.prysmiangroup.com and follow us on social networks such as PrysmianGroupChile.

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