Company Kratos Sling SPA present at Expomin 2021: specialists in cargo moorings

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Press Expomin –

Kratos Sling SPA, is a national production company specialized in Lifting and Mooring of cargo. OUR PRODUCTS: They are manufactured with materials under the highest quality standards, we have the best team of specialist Engineers in charge of the Elaboration and Quality Control of our products. KRATOS has 4 lines of work: 1- LINEADE PODER: Corresponds to our lifting line, we provide products for a load lifting safely. – Flat Slings Eye Eye 2 layers. – Circular slings. – Chain slings. – Mixed slings (textile combination and chains). Accessories: Shackles type Lira, Cancamos in Inches and Metrics. 2- LINEADE FUERZA: This line is characterized by delivering the best cargo mooring solution, depending on the type of transport to be used. – Lashing Tapes for Trucks. – Minor Load Lashing Tapes. – Lashing chains. (Product on request) 3- LINEADE POWER This line is very important for us corresponds to Our customers, we work in a personalized way to provide the best service, identifying, advising and developing the best solution for their lifting and loading mooring needs. 4- LINEADE FUEGO Our best source of energy as a company are our Collaborators, we have a select team of professionals, highly trained with great experience in charge of delivering a quality product, with the best service and training.

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