Corroxion (tscorrosion spa) at expomin 2021

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Press Expomin –

Company specialized in the Representation and Commercialization of Anticorrosive products and materials, of the highest resistance and performance. Premier Line- Densona (Winn & Coales uk – USA) Anticorrosive protective coatings for overhead and buried pipes, based on BUTYL 35 butylic tapes, VISCOTAQ self-repairing viscoelastic coating, PREMTAPE petrolate tapes, PVC tapes, PREMCOTE 1500, PREMCOTE OUTERWRAP. Epoxy coating liquids line PROTAL 100% SV, high thicknesses applied in a single layer (24 thousand DFT). Mechanical protection for the anti-corrosion coating of pipes, ROCKSHIELD, when it must be buried in rocky soils. Coatings for piles and spring structures, SEASHIELD lines for piles, PROTAL CTR epoxy phenalcaminas for new or maintenance structures, RIGSPRAY polyester base resins with fiberglass. Specialized products from dampney, RUST PATROL, HOLDTIGHT, USA factories. Coating measuring and control equipment from the FISCHER factory from Germany. Exclusive line of Stabilization of TANIK oxides, pyrogallic organic compound with 23 functional groups, capable of combining with the oxides of the metal to produce a stable chelated compound that passives the steels

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