DOMOLIF SpA company founded in Antofagasta by three professional and entrepreneurial women

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DOMOLIF SpA. Company of Scientific Technological Base, founded in Antofagasta on April 22, 2020, by three professional and entrepreneurial women. The purpose is to promote the development of innovative products and solutions of high impact for the Mining, Energy and Aquaculture Industry among others, both nationally and internationally. The professionals have more than 15 years of experience in the development of biotechnological products, from their laboratory phase (TRL1) to their industrial phase (TRL9). In addition, they have obtained 19 patents, both in Chile and abroad. Pioneers in the diagnosis of bio-corrosion and different analysis services in the aqueducts of mining companies in the North and Center of the country. Based on biotechnological knowledge, we have introduced a new standard in the mining industry for monitoring the integrity of industrial piping Our services: – In the pipes we determine the chemical and biochemical composition of the water and biofilm. We identify the chemical corrosion factors and microorganisms that induce corrosion and scale. – We determine the quality of transport water and the critical points of the water circuit. – We evaluate corrosion and material life through corrosion rate calculation and damage analysis in the coupon topography, diameter, depth and density of the pit. – We evaluate the control of bio-corrosion with and without microbiological growth controlling agents such as biocides and their interaction with corrosion inhibitors. – We monitor bio-corrosion in piping and deliver technical operating recommendations. – We implement control sensors, coupons and sampling points for corrosion monitoring and control. Ö We identify interferences that may influence the maintenance or repair of equipment.

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