Duhovit company present at EXPOMIN 2021

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We currently have two products: Smart PLS – Intelligent Irrigation in Leaching & SimuTag – Forced Management Software Smart PLS: It is a software that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to optimize decision making and the operational process in leaching, maximizing copper recovery and the economic benefit of the process. The system allows to keep online the different variables of the plant such as recoveries, leaching reasons, chemical solutions, among others, generating data predictions in order to have timely information for decision making. In addition, it allows irrigation simulations, project pls and drains, and a third module of the system, has the ability to make automatic decisions about irrigation when instrumentation allows it. SimuTag: It is a web and mobile application developed to automate the control of forced or simulations carried out in processing plants. It allows to generate, approve and record executions of forced (failures of signals of sensors or equipment) to carry out the control and subsequent normalization of signals. The traceability of the information generated allows advanced data analysis to increase the reliability of assets. To exemplify, considering the decrease of only 1 minute in the procedure, production can be increased between 1 to 1.5 MUSD per year when the critical process equipment or equipment is well identified, directly impacting the business. All managing it from smartphone or web for control, dashboard and process trends.

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