ENECON: Repair, protection and conservation of machinery and mining and industrial infrastructure present at Expomin 2021

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ENECON delivers robust and reliable solutions for the repair, protection and conservation of mining and industrial machinery, equipment and infrastructure, through the use of high-performance polymeric compounds. It has the best solutions for problems caused by corrosion, chemical attack, severe abrasion and mineral scale, among others. Its business vision is “Repair – Do Not Replace”, thus contributing to an efficient use of assets, extending their useful life and improving operational continuity and profitability of the business. ENECON Chile represents and distributes exclusively the products manufactured by ENECON Corp. (USA) in the national territory, offering technical advice in the design of solutions, accompanying and advising clients in the execution of projects; also providing complete turnkey solutions if they prefer. Among the problems that ENECON solves are: – Protection against chemical attack of floors; ponds; structures; areas of chemical containment, storage, secondary containment, loading and unloading, among others. – Coatings against corrosion of structures, ponds, piping, pumps, valves, bridges, metal covers or cementitious and others. – Coatings against wear and abrasion for: tailings and pulp channels, elbows, buckets of front loaders, screws, pumps, pipes, and any other equipment subject to abrasion and / or severe erosion. – Control and elimination of mineral scale in all types of pipes. In a complementary way, ENECON offers excellent alternatives to protect equipment and machinery against cavitation, impact or hydrostatic pressure, as well as for the repair of ceilings, walls, floors and expansion joints.

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