ERICSSON present at EXPOMIN 2021

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Founded in 1876 in Stockholm, Sweden, present in Chile for more than 75 years, Ericsson is the protagonist of the main technological leaps achieved in the country and in the world, being a benchmark in technology, communications, hardware, software and services. Ericsson telecommunications technologies help customers digitize, increase efficiency and find new revenue streams. Ericsson is recognized worldwide as an undisputed leader in digital platforms and mobile networks, due to the relevance that these technologies have in the society and economy of the countries in which it operates. 5G goes much further than 4G, 3G, 2G. 5G introduces the interaction between human and machines, that’s why we say it’s not just another Generation. 5G technology is the main factor of economic transformation, gains in competitiveness and efficiency in the different sectors of the economy in this decade. Today Ericsson is ready to star in another chapter of this journey with the deployment of 5G in Chile helping the digital interoperability of the Mining Industry. In the field of smart mining, together with the trends of Industry 4.0, Ericsson’s differential is based on interconnectivity, safety, efficiency, improving the working conditions of employees and partners along the transformation chain. Mining is adopting dedicated networks to control and transform mining operations to automate and tele-operate dangerous processes, repetitive tasks, interoperating different manufacturers in the same Dedicated Network 5G, 4G, IoT, Push to Talk, IT, etc. Ericsson technologies empower mining companies by interconnecting their manufacturer ecosystems without tying to a particular frequency. From the lessons learned in Global Mining, Ericsson’s differential is to combine licensed and unlicensed frequencies with the security, privacy of low-latency private processing on the same site. 5G is indeed an evolution of the way services are marketed, and also an expansion of digitalization for industry, mining, ports, transportation, smart cities, public safety, health and many other industries for a better connected society

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