EXPOMIN 2020: “Mining facilitating the future”

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Press Expomin 2020

The mining industry has been one of the main drivers in the rapid development of Chile’s economy, for South American and other countries.
Numbers show that countries with relevant mining industry have developed a faster economy than other counties with different industry relevance. Due to this, mining industry has to be a step forwards in technologies related with productivity, security and sustainability in their process.
EXPOMIN 2020 has an important role to achieve your company goals. In Expomin you will have the opportunity to show the community technological developments that will be trend in our industry.
These developments will be presented by our exhibitors, mining future representatives.
Technological developments generate changes and high impact transformations, helping the mining growth for better efficiency and productivity. These developments will allow us to work in an improved mining industry, which impulse the growth and the well-being for countries. Now, we live in a world with constant technological transformations. Therefore, many people have called our time the fourth industrial revolution; a revolution that is changing the way how we relate to others and understand the world, our work ethic and how our society organizes.
Mining is completely related with this phenomenon. The Internet of things, digitalization, big data, data science, AI, and automation, are some of the developments that are participating within productive sectors.
Developments made with AI, which is taking part in mining industry, are a little part of what is coming for our sector and the world. Mathematical algorithms and big data are improving their predictions and helping to decision making, process productivity and operations efficiency.
It is important to take conscience of what we have in front of our eyes. This is an opportunity to improve our safe working methods and our daily life, in order to develop a better future in mining, to be more competitive, more productive and sustainable through the years.
If we miss the chance to introduce technologies in our companies, the future competition will work with richer metal geological resources – in an economical way-, and with better chances to survive conditions that our sector works.
EXPOMIN 2020 is a great opportunity to exhibit new technologies, to network ideas and experiences in relevant areas as environment, projects, innovation, productivity, digitalization, automation, clients, supply, markets and woman in mining industry.
In that way we look ahead and focus in our future, in order to innovate and go forward into the future of mining processes.
Come and visit this world quality exhibition to open your mind to the future technologies, to give real value to our industry and workers of the sector; as well as for Chile and the world.

Francisco Costabal, Vice-president of Development and Administration of South American Business of Freeport McMoran South America, will be the president of the XVI EXPOMIN 2020.

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