EXPOMIN 2021: MineraArcs Systems: with more than 20 years delivering quality solutions

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MineARC Systems, with more than 2,800 shelters in more than 65 countries, is the world leader in controlled environments and safety technologies for underground mining, tunneling, the chemical industry and the biotechnology industry. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, our dedication to research and development is a reflection of our main goal: to continuously offer the best and most advanced security solutions on the market. Integrating technology and security into our shelters and controlled environments, we will unveil our advances: Remote Shelter Monitoring: GuardIAN System offers the added advantage of remote assistance for troubleshooting by MineARC engineers, who can log in to view the camera’s diagnostic panel with the permission of the sites. GuardIAN Intelligence Network: The GuardIAN Intelligence Network is designed to provide site-wide integration, enabling real-time monitoring of the underground environment, site assets and personnel across any PC, tablet or mobile device. • Gas Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of gas levels throughout the site. Streamlines re-entry processes, reducing downtime Remote diagnosis of the refuge chamber atmosphere Personal and fixed gas monitors • Tracking: Replace outdated identification panels with an automated system. Remotely monitor the location of all underground staff. Provides navigation assistance to the nearest safe haven • Lighting: Provides visual navigation to the nearest refuge chamber Independent control with integrated tracking technology Automatic color changes based on detected gas levels Hull and fixed lamps in tunnels • Portable Closed-Loop Self-Rescuer: Dezega Ci-30 KS Equipment is a self-rescuer to carry at the waist that is used to escape from non-breathable atmospheres. The self-rescuer contains a cartridge with chemical oxygen in sufficient quantity to leave behind a danger zone in a time of 30 minutes, or to wait for the rescue for 90 minutes. At the same time that oxygen is released, the active substance of the cartridge absorbs carbon dioxide, the self-rescuer completely isolates the user’s respiratory organs from the non-respirable atmosphere.

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