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Expomin 2023: technologies that will be present at the mining trade show

Claro companies are once again part of the most important mining exhibition in Latin America. From April 24 to 27 at the Fisa Park, they will seek to discuss the challenges faced by the mining industry. With a series of technological tools, the company is focused on providing a service that stands out for its intelligent, sustainable operation and prioritizes information security.

Publicada: Tuesday 25 de April del 2023
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Consolidated as a space that promotes the transfer of knowledge and the offer of innovative technologies that increase productivity in mining processes, the 17th version of Expomin, catalogued as “the world center of mining in Chile”, will be held. The most important international meeting in Latin America dedicated to the mining sector will bring together experts and interested parties from more than 35 countries for four days and Claro companies will be present with their offer of integral technological solutions for mining companies in the country. There are 1,200 exhibitors that will participate in the fair, which will be deployed in more than 95 thousand square meters. Claro companies are participating in Expomin focused on intelligent and sustainable operations, with priority on information security. Ignacio Hidalgo, commercial manager of Claro’s mining vertical, summarizes part of the mission they have proposed to contribute in this area: “Our contribution to mining is to increase productivity and operational efficiency through digitization and automation, always within a framework of cybersecurity and sustainability that allows us to have a long-term vision”. The use of artificial intelligence applied to operations allows the evolution towards new levels of efficiency, to which the manager emphasizes that, when there is an intelligent operation, “it is not only about having the resources but also about how we get the maximum benefit out of them”. All of this is framed within the framework of cybersecurity, which is vital for maintaining operational continuity. One of the company’s development focuses is the LTE service, an acronym that stands for “Long Term Evolution”, a wireless broadband technology that helps mining operations by providing connectivity in extreme conditions. “We connect people, enable autonomous operation, automate processes, take care of people and always in a context of sustainable operation, data security and intelligence,” Hidalgo explains. He also points out that the other vectors of development in mining are services associated with hospitality (television, internet, wifi), mobile telephony, SDWAN, cloud, data center, IoT and LTE connectivity: “Customers look for us because we deliver value, we are committed to the maximum and we always work so that they have a good experience”. Before participating in the fair, he highlights: “It is important our presence in Expomin to relate with our customers and suppliers, in this way we make known our experience, how well we have done with LTE and how we complement it with our service offering with Data Center, SDWAN, IoT, Mobile Telephony and Cybersecurity”. Claro has proven to have a distinctive seal, such as having its own Data Center (with Tier III and Tier IV certifications), with redundant connection in Chile and to the rest of the countries by land and by its own marine cable. Having a single circuit guarantees connectivity not only to Santiago but also to the rest of the world. “We have a redundancy in the north that strengthens our Data Center. We offer connectivity at national and international level”, concludes Hidalgo.

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