Expomin confirms date for the realization of the main exhibition and congress international of the mining

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The new edition, which will take place between 25 and 29 October 2021, will be held in a hybrid format, with the aim of ensuring that everyone can participate if there are still travel restrictions in the world. The Bi Minister of Energy and Mining, Mr. Juan Carlos Jobet, says “this is a very important showcase to discuss the role of mining in the fight against climate change.” The Minister of Economy, Mr. Lucas Palacios highlighted “are very good news that Expomin has continued to run in times of pandemic, first connecting the mining sector through the realization of a virtual version last November, and the finally concretize its face-to-face edition at the end of this year”. Expomin, the most important mining exhibition in Latin America confirmed its date of realization October 25 and 29 this year in Espacio Riesco. In this way, the organization aims to contribute to the reactivation of the economy and the development of the country through the generation of business opportunities and the creation of more than 6000 direct and indirect jobs that occur around the fair. In this new version Expomin will have a new format, will be hybrid, it means, face-to-face and virtual. This decision will make it possible for everyone to participate in the exhibition from any device and anywhere, in the case are still international travel restrictions by that date. In this context, the manager of Expomin, Mr. Francisco Sotomayor, explained that “in this new edition there will be space for networking, both on-site and through our Expomin Connect virtual platform, which will allow exhibitors and visitors to interact in both formats. In addition, we will have greater national and international coverage, there will be access to the exhibition anywhere and at any time, we will have customizable stands in the on-site version via QR code and permanent updates on the virtual booth”. Mr. Francisco Sotomayor added that “visitors attending the mining meeting, will be able to schedule previous meetings to be held on the virtual platform or at the fair face to face. Also enjoy the International Congress live in the exhibition, by streaming and “on demand” post event through Expomin Connect platform, which will also have an open Marketplace where companies can exhibit products and services with fast and advanced search filters for easy navigation, which they can also appreciate on their visit to the venue”. Likewise, he maintained that the organization “will take all the necessary safety measures together with the authorities to protect the health of our employees, exhibitors, visitors, strategic allies and suppliers. For this reason, over the last few months we have drawn up a robust health protocol that will be applied in October. The Biminister of Energy and Mining and honorary president of Expomin, Mr. Juan Carlos Jobet, said that “this is a very important showcase to discuss the role of mining in the fight against climate change through the transition to clean energies, such as solar, wind and oil and green hydrogen, as well as the efficient use of water. It will also be an instance to promote new investment projects and share experiences in terms of innovation and good practices, considering that the mining sector has played and will continue to play a fundamental role in the economic growth of the country. Whenever sanitary conditions allow, we hope that this new version will be a success in its hybrid, face-to-face and virtual format. Meanwhile, the Minister of Economic, Development and Tourism, Mr. Lucas Palacios, says “it is very good news that Expomin has continued to run in times of pandemic, first connecting the mining sector through the realization a virtual version last November, and finally realize its face-to-face edition at the end of this year, where the business and institutional community will meet hundreds of key business opportunities are generated for the future development of the country”. Likewise, the secretary of state remark that the exhibition is becoming more relevant today because it will undoubtedly be a contribution to economic recovery at a time when the country needs it. Because more than 70% of the exhibitors of the fair are SMEs that will benefit in this ecosystem where the national and international mining industry meets and articulates”. International Congress The new edition of Expomin in hybrid format also contemplates in parallel the realization of the International Congress with a program of conferences that will be held in face-to-face format but will also be broadcast live via streaming between 25 and 29 October. The content of the seminars will also be available “on demand” after the event on the Expomin Connect digital platform. The Biminister of Energy and Mining, Mr. Juan Carlos Jobet, explained that “the topics of the Congress will focus on the situation of mining in Chile and the region, as a ministry we will emphasize renewable energy matters, emissions reduction and carbon neutral, and the investment register for the future of the sector” The Secretary of State remark that “today’s mining is having undergoing process of big changes, which will require huge investments for the incorporation of clean energy, desalinated water and state-of-the-art, technologies in its processes. We hope that the projects that have been approved, will begin construction and that together we will take care the leadership that Chile holds in the global mining industry,” Jobet added. The meeting expects to have more than 50 key speakers with discussions panel by leading panelists from government, industry, and technology companies from 15 countries.

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