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Expomin culminates with a positive balance of visits and with a rigorous compliance with the health protocol for 5 days

The organization announced that the new version of the mining exhibition would be held in April.

Publicada: Friday 29 de October del 2021
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The organization announced that the new version of the mining exhibition would be held in April. With a positive balance culminated the XVI version of Expomin, the most important mining exhibition in Latin America, in which during the 5 days a rigorous sanitary protocol was complied with that was celebrated by the ministers of Mining, Health, Economy and Defense who attended the fair in person. The executive director of Expomin, Francisco Sotomayor, stressed that “in terms of the flow of people we reached 40 thousand visits in the 5 days, but beyond the numbers I think we have to rescue the satisfaction of the exhibitors and visitors, who all agreed that it was necessary to see each other, because to generate business it is essential to generate trust and for that there is no such thing as the face-to-face exchange that is irreplaceable”. Sotomayor said “we demonstrate to the business community and the authorities that face-to-face fairs can be held without inconvenience and with all the safeguards either being in phase 2, 3 or 4 regardless of whether there are different capacities.” It should be noted that to attend the exhibition required a prior registration, mandatory mobility pass, use of a mask at all times. Also, in the enclosure there was free PCR and antigen test and the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris inaugurated at the fair a vaccination center of the Minsal where there were more than 1200 vaccinated daily. In addition, during the exhibition there was state-of-the-art technology in the access with thermal imaging cameras capable of measuring the temperature of 30 people per second which expedited the entrance and avoided crowds. The new date The executive director of Expomin, Francisco Sotomayor, announced that “the new version of the exhibition will be held between April 24 and 28, 2023.” Although he explained that this date will be reconfirmed in the coming weeks given that the world fair calendar that has undergone modifications due to the pandemic must be analyzed. During the exhibition there was a special area for 40 SMEs that were invited by the organization and the Ministry of Mining, where 85% were from regions. Likewise, the International Congress was held, which was composed of 17 panels with more than 90 rapporteurs, with panelists from government, industry and technology companies from more than 15 countries and had a 40% female participation. Sponsorship of Lyceums During this version, Expomin committed to the sponsorship of 4 professional technical high schools, linked to mining training, to obtain the CCM Quality Seal, through which the Mining Skills Council certifies that the training programs are aligned with the demands of the mining sector. The institutions sponsored by Expomin were: ●The specialty of Electronics of the San Mateo Technological Institute, located in Pudahuel in the Metropolitan Region. ●The specialty of Electricity of the Liceo Minero de América, located in Calama, Region of Antofagasta. ●The Liceo Bicentenario Manuel Magalhaes Medling, located in Diego de Almagro, Atacama Region. ●The Instituto Tecnológico Minero Bernando O’Higgins, located in Rancagua, O’Higgins Region.

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