Expomin Sponsorship Tour: Will support high schools to obtain the CCM Seal of Quality

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In a visit to the Instituto Tecnológico Minero Bernardo O’Higgins in Rancagua, O’Higgins region, the Director of Development and New Businesses of GL events, Armando Valenzuela, continued the Sponsorship Tour that Expomin makes to four professional technical high schools linked to mining training, in order to obtain the CCM Quality Seal. The latter is a certification granted by the Mining Competencies Council, which highlights the capacity of an institution to provide training aligned with the mining population of the Framework of Professional Technical Qualifications, and, therefore, projects a benefit both in terms of educational quality and future employability for the students of the certified institutions. Currently, there are 115 students in the fourth year of high school studying Mining Exploitation, a specialization that begins in the third year, where students can see and interact with how the mining process works with modern facilities and processes. Humberto Pizarro, director of the Instituto Tecnológico Minero Bernardo O’Higgins, stated that “for us this is extremely important because it means installing quality processes within our organization, which directly benefit our students. In this way, the teachers will be more up-to-date, with greater competencies, strengthening our proposal in the educational system that improves the quality of education for the benefit of the students”. At the site, the Director of Development and New Business of GL events Chile, Armando Valenzuela Jara, delivered the second sponsorship, seeking that more students can obtain the necessary skills to develop in the world of mining. “As representatives of Expomin, we want to be a meeting point and a platform for the mining industry to get to know the technical training centers in the country. In this sense, we are sponsoring 4 high schools to obtain the Quality Seal of the Mining Skills Council, which allows us to get closer to this community, to know their needs, and to be a contribution so that students and new generations can have greater opportunities and close the gaps that the industry demands”, said Valenzuela. He also emphasized that “today we are very pleased to support and sponsor the Bernardo O’Higgins Technological High School in its certification process for the Mining Exploitation specialty”. Finally, Miguel Ángel González, in charge of TP Training Improvement of the CCM-Eleva alliance, informed that “one of the greatest challenges we have as a country is to ensure an education relevant to the needs of the industry, of economic development. In this sense, we need to ensure that graduates of mining specialties have the necessary skills to link effectively with the industry, and that their profiles match the current needs of the industry, which have a special focus on digitization, digital transformation and climate change”. González added that “this is the path along which the new mining industry must advance and it is very important to accompany the institutions so that they are at the height of the industry of the 21st century. This is the commitment of our institution: to generate a much more relevant and quality mining industry that will change the lives of many young people”. The certification that signifies the CCM Quality Seal is also the first reference option for hiring personnel, which encourages companies to offer internships, apprenticeship processes, specific job opportunities, training courses, among other benefits. In the same way, Expomin will accompany three other professional technical high schools that will have this sponsorship: – Electronics Specialty of the San Mateo Technological Institute, located in Pudahuel, Metropolitan Region. – Electricity Specialty of the Liceo Minero de América, located in Calama, Antofagasta region. – Specialty of Mining Exploitation of the Liceo Bicentenario Manuel Magallanes Medling, located in Diego de Almagro, Atacama region. EXPOMIN 2023 The XVII World Exhibition and Congress for Latin American Mining, EXPOMIN, to be held at the new #ParqueFisa between April 24 and 27 in 2023, will be the meeting point where the transfer of knowledge, experiences and the offer of technologies that contribute to innovation and increased productivity in mining processes will be promoted. In this way, the meeting will be a platform of global opportunities for Chile and foreign countries.

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