Fahneu: innovative solutions, anti uv shade, creating safe and healthy environments in mining sites (hse)

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Fahneu, a Chilean company with more than 55 years of experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for urban spaces, with presence in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, through its Industrial / Mining Area will be present at the next version of Expomin to be held between October 25 and 29 at Espacio Riesco The Fahneu Mining Equipment is intended to respond to the requirements of the sector by offering SHADE ANTI UV SOLUTIONS, adapted to the harsh working environments of mining sites. Our solutions, designed especially for each requirement, provide protection to both people and sensitive installations, by blocking UV rays (more than 97%) from the sun and the consequent reduction of ambient temperature. The innovative shade solutions based on HDPE membranes are manufactured from high-density polyethylene raw material. During the extrusion of the threads, color concentrates and ultraviolet stabilizer additives are added, thus improving the shelf life of the fabric against degradation due to exposure to sunlight, for a minimum of 10 years (guaranteed). Their physical characteristics make them especially suitable for the control of dust in suspension and for their application as efficient wind blocking barriers due to their low sail effect, special for windy work environments. We offer a Continuous Service of Operation and Service of our solutions, so that the mining operation does not have to deal with the operational complications of maintaining and / or repairing the structures. Likewise, our systems and structures can be continuously relocated within the works, adapting to the continuous movements of the operation. In addition to shade solutions, Fahneu offers outdoor equipment such as; concrete, steel and polymer furniture, outdoor exercise equipment and recycled rubber floor for on-site application. Our Industrial/Mining Area of Fahneu, is able to design and build solutions for complex situations such as; seawater ponds (evaporation, algae control, etc.), special production facilities (UVR-sensitive filter plants), dust control (stock piles, crushers, etc.) and other special mining operational applications.

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