1) How can I sign in to visit EXPOMIN 2020? Answer Send an email to visitantes@expomin.cl and we will opportunely inform you when our online registration system is available, so you can schedule previously you visit. 2) How much the entry ticket to EXPOMIN 2020 cost? Answer Send an email to visitantes@expomin.cl and we will opportunely inform you about the ticket cost for the exhibition. 3) Which is the exhibition schedule? Answer Monday, April the 20th to Thursday. April the 23th. From 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM Friday, April the 20th from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM 4) Which are the exhibitors of the exhibition? Answer At EXPOMIN you will find the main diverse offers for technologies, equipment, machineries, services and supplies in mining industry for Chile and Latin America, and more than 1.300 suppliers’ companies from all the globe. See exhibitors list HERE 5) Who can visit EXPOMIN? Answer Any professional from the mining and industrial sector. More info HERE 6) Where will be placed EXPOMIN 2020? Answer EXPOMIN 2020 will be placed at the Espacio Riesco Convention Center. #5000 El Salto Avenue. Huechuraba. Santiago Chile. 7) How can I arrive to the Convention Center? Answer You can arrive by car, public transportation, and taxis from the International Airport of Santiago going to Espacio Riesco Convention Center is at #5000 El Salto Avenue. 8) Has the Convention Center a car parking? How much does it cost? Answer The exhibition will have 5000 car parking spots with a daily cost. 9) How can I assist to the International Congress EXPOMIN 2020? Does it have an inscription cost? Answer EXPOMIN 2020 is on development. Once it is completed, it will be uploaded to the website. Free access and paid activities will be specified. 10) Will EXPOMIN have food services? Answer Yes, it will be available snacks and coffee shops. 11) Will the Center have ATMs? Answer No, the Center does NOT have ATMs, but you will find banks services around the Center. 12) How can I be informed about the exhibition news and activities? Answer Send an email to visitantes@expomin.cl or visit our website to know the exhibition last news.