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Finning is committed to the circular economy and promotes the reconditioning of machinery for the mining industry

Through a Cat certified rebuild program, the company restores equipment performance and productivity to near new condition.

Publicada: Tuesday 11 de April del 2023
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Finning arrives at the new version of Expomin 2023 with a proposal that promotes the circular economy, productivity and efficiency in the mining industry. It is the reconstruction of machinery and fleets that are in operation and need to be modernized to achieve the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental care demanded by the sector. Under a program certified by Caterpillar, the Company renews equipment until it is practically as good as new and customized according to the specific needs of each customer. In addition, this process has become a pioneer in the industry to reduce the carbon footprint and minimize waste from operations by extending the useful life of machinery, giving a second life to materials and saving on energy and water consumption to build new equipment. To complete this process, the equipment is disassembled and all parts are subjected to thorough quality inspections. In total, more than 350 tests are performed and only original spare parts are used, which allows validation of all safety certifications. Once the rebuild is completed, a machine with zero operating hours is obtained at a much more convenient price, with savings that can reach – in some models – between 65% and 70% in relation to the cost of new equipment. Enrique Mancilla, Manager of Growth Projects at Mineria, comments that “according to a recent survey carried out by Finning, there is an important number of machinery in the mining industry in the region that, for various reasons, is currently stopped, unused and in some cases decommissioned. These are precisely the equipments that are feasible to recover and turn them into rebuilt machines at zero hours. Representing Finning will be Enrique Mancilla, Mining Growth Project Manager, participating in panel 5 of the Expomin Congress “Circular Mining” next Tuesday, April 25, at 15:00 hours. 90 years of trajectory With nine decades of experience, Finning has established itself as the trusted partner of its customers, standing out for its high levels of productivity and efficiency, reduced carbon footprint and responsible work with communities. In Chile, the company has been operating for 30 years, especially in the mining, energy and construction industries, where it has played a leading role in development through the implementation of solutions aimed at achieving the highest levels of efficiency, safety and sustainability demanded by today’s industries.

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