Fundición las rosas s.a. fundición y maestranza at expomin 2021

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Fundición las Rosas S.A. began its operation in 1.884 delivering the service of foundry and maestranza, being one of the companies with the longest history in Chile. Our facilities were initially located on the corner of Rosas-Maipú streets and hence the origin of the name of the foundry. In its early years the foundry was dedicated to the manufacture of all kinds of products for different industries. However, in the last 25 years it focused mainly on mining and specialized industry, taking on new challenges in all areas of our production line. It is for this reason that in the year 2,000 the plant moved to the commune of Peñaflor (25 km from the center of Santiago), modernizing the facilities and different technologies, to make our production process more efficient and sustainable. Fully complying responsibly with our commitment to the environment. All this to focus on delivering a better product and service, which solves the needs of our customers. This transfer also meant a renewal and strengthening of the work teams. This consisted of the training of staff to adapt to new technologies and work methodologies focused on customer service, through quality products. This established our value proposition, which is based on delivering a product with the standards and quality that customers demand from us, with an excellent price ratio and delivery times. In this search for a value proposition, we manage to innovate and develop new types of alloys and materials, supplying customers with better solutions. In addition, the commercial and technical engineering team generated implementations of new parts, thanks to the follow-up carried out jointly with our customers. These were implemented in the mining industry in the areas of grinding, crushing, material movement and abrasive process typical of the activity. This was also done for agribusiness, cement and aggregates delivering a comprehensive value proposition to all our customers in each of their activities.

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