Geocom: Geospatial solutions in Expomin 2023

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Press Expomin –

Geocom is focused on the delivery of integral geospatial solutions in the areas of mining, construction, engineering, forestry, civil works, marine and port and infrastructure, involving in this process governmental, private and academic entities. It collaborates in the development of the country and large projects, carrying out the technology transfer demanded by companies, and with them, solving productive problems through the commercialization of innovative geospatial technologies. Present in the market since 1985, it has been part of large development projects in the country and pioneers in bringing innovative geospatial technologies. “We are specialists in sales, leasing and technical service for equipment in the areas of optics, GNSS, laser scanner, marine and port, UAS and software; all this together with the advice of specialized professionals,” said the institution.

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