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Grupo GB presenting innovative solutions for the mining industry

After its formation in 2022, the group of companies will be present in this new edition with first-class innovations, supporting leaders in the mining industry and civil works to evaluate opportunities, solve challenges and optimize performance throughout the production cycle.

Publicada: Thursday 23 de March del 2023
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Grupo GB will participate in the XVII edition of Expomin 2023, with all its innovative and integral services, products and solutions for mining companies. In 2022, after 26 years of experience through Geoblast, the GB Group began operating, a company that manages the related companies that emerged from the group of partners. These are Geoblast, with its advisory and consulting services; Datageo, with the sale of products and software; Appnew, with software development; and Laborock, through rock analysis. Since its beginnings, innovation has been present in the history of the companies. This is reflected in the fact that today, Datageo is a representative of Syscom, an important Swiss company specialized in equipment for civil works, whose technology we are implementing in mining, with vibration monitoring systems. The company is also venturing into the metaverse and is about to sign an important agreement in this area. Appnew, on the other hand, belongs to Nova Network Partners of acQuire, the most important international software for geoscientific data management, used by the main mining companies in the world. Thus, our clients can count on this important support and a team of experts in geoscientific information management. Just as innovation has been an anchor in companies, so has been the safety and well-being of employees. It is no coincidence that it holds the record of 10 years without lost time accidents, i.e. 2,629,296,000 hours. Nor is the fact that more than 20% of its employees are women. This issue is of the utmost importance. In fact, all GB Group companies are certified under Chilean Standard 3262 on Gender Equality and Reconciliation of Work, Personal and Family Life. Finally, 2022 sealed the trust we have earned in the mining industry with the corollary Trinorma certification of Geoblast and Datageo, under the Integrated Management System ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; and 45001:2018. Laborock, for its part, obtained the Quality certification for its processes. Definitely, it has been 26 years of solid experience.

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