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Grupo Tesacom will be present at the Expomin 2021 edition: we create technology to eliminate uncertainty and inefficiencies in Industrial Operations.

We are a digital transformation company for industrial operations, which integrates a wide portfolio of different technologies, standardized own products, and professional services of high added value.

Publicada: Wednesday 22 de September del 2021
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We are a digital transformation company for industrial operations, which integrates a wide portfolio of different technologies, standardized own products, and professional services of high added value. Our purpose is to eliminate uncertainty and inefficiencies in industrial operations with no coverage limit, offering comprehensive solutions to collect data, process it, and analyze it; delivering valuable information to the entire organization, optimizing processes and making production efficient. In addition, we are leaders in the region in mobile satellite communication services, providing global coverage for all types of industrial operations. We have been providing services for more than 20 years to companies and individuals in the Energy, Maritime and River, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Transport and Logistics, and Tourism markets. As well as the main agencies of Government, Defense and humanitarian aid organizations. Currently, we have a local presence in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Peru. In turn, we are working on expanding our operation to Ecuador and Colombia in the coming year, culminating deployment in Mexico and Brazil in 2023. Mining Permanent monitoring and analysis solutions to generate alerts and thus prevent asset failures. Energy Solutions for the management of the smart grid, through the use of telemetry in the area of operations. Industrial Services Planning and alerting solutions for remote and immediately actionable asset monitoring. Transport and Logistics Monitoring solutions for safe and optimal loading throughout the journey. Maritime & Fluvial Integrated solutions for positioning, video surveillance, load control and connectivity for the well-being of the crew. Oil & Gas Communication and telemetry solutions that allow generating information to nourish the execution programs of the operations. Agro Integrated solutions for multiple assets, easy to use and deploy, to remotely handle field operation. Government Technological solutions of rapid deployment in remote places, with reliability and discretion in communications. Armed Forces and Security Solutions that provide agility and unified management of all forces. STRATEGIC ALLIES Grupo Tesacom is the partner chosen by the main suppliers in the industry to operate in the Latin American region. We provide services in conjunction with KVH, Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, Orbcomm, and others. This privileged position places the company as a company capable of sustaining a competitive strategy over time, providing sustainable services and adding projects at the regional level. OUR SOLUTIONS Our focus is for the industry to achieve the best results in Energy Efficiency, Smart Fishing, Connected Assets, Water Sustainability, Smart Planning and Connected Regulation. Through our tesacomUP platform it is possible to monitor any type of asset, enabling its Remote Management, Location, Utilization Analytics, Maintenance Planning and Field Personnel Management, all from a single access point and in real time. We develop multiple Data Acquirers that are mounted on different types of assets and allow data to be made available without connectivity limit, to any external system. At Grupo Tesacom we create technology to transform operations and help in complex and constantly evolving change processes. MANAGERS Jose Ignacio Sanchez Elia. – CEO Grupo Tesacom Alonso Bringas – VP Commercial Grupo Tesacom Rossana Rojas – A&F Director Tesacom Chile Juan Pablo Pelizza – Country Head Tesacom Chile For more information, visit tesacom.n

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