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Iba, a German company specializing in measurement systems, will be at Expomin 2023

iba’s mission is to bring transparency into the world of automation with measuring system solutions.

Publicada: Monday 9 de January del 2023
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iba is a German company specialized in measurement systems for the different segments of industry and energy for more than 30 years. iba’s mission is to bring transparency into the world of automation with measuring system solutions. With iba, the user can understand and master the increasing technological complexity of automated processes and mechatronic systems; all essential system and process data from various signal sources, fieldbuses and automation systems are recorded continuously and synchronously. In order to analyze this data, powerful analysis tools have been developed to facilitate interactive work as well as the automatic generation of information. iba has a well-positioned global structure, with branches, business partners and regional representatives, with the aim of advising our customers wherever they are located, effectively and with immediate service, providing rapid response to their needs. It offers: – Measurement systems for industrial data acquisition. – Data Acquisition. – Quality control. – Real time visualization. – Process Analysis. – Fault detection. iba’s equipment and software provide technological solutions applied to monitor industrial mills, often used in grinding in modern mineral processing plants, such as: – Rotor analysis with Air GAP sensors. – Rotor air gap vision. – Drive electrical fault analysis. – Alarm and events to identify the cause of failures. iba provides solutions for monitoring signal acquisition and power quality, as well as detecting causes of network interference and analyzing performance values that contribute to continuous process improvements. iba systems enable: – Power quality measurement – Phasor analysis – Up to 50th harmonic analysis – Electrical power analysis – Alarm and event configuration New features: The new Modular Acquisition hardware (ibaMAQS) enables decentralized and flexible signal acquisition in a synchronous and accurate way of different types of data from sensors, machines, vibrations, energy, among others.

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