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INDUSTRIAL COMERCIAL CHILE SPA will participate en Expomin 2023

INDUSTRIAL COMERCIAL CHILE SPA, is a commercial company born in 1976, supplier of solutions for the mining, energy and industrial sectors.

Publicada: Tuesday 21 de March del 2023
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INDUSTRIAL COMERCIAL CHILE SPA, is a commercial company born in 1976, supplier of solutions for the mining, energy and industrial sectors. The basic principle of our company is to deliver products and services of high technology and quality, focused on the sole interest of effectively serving our customers. Industrial Comercial Chile has the following lines of products and services: 1-. Cements and Concretes of high resistance (aluminous): Special cements and concretes of high performance, for areas where conventional Portland cements cannot meet extreme and technical requirements. 2-. High tonnage component recovery and machining services: Recovery and protection of high tonnage parts and pieces subjected to wear due to rose, friction, erosion, corrosion, cavitation and temperature; Thermal spraying service (METALLIZED) and special semi-automated welding, against wear in milling equipment, earth moving, mineral transfer, mechanical transmission, among others. 3-. Anticorrosive Products: Anticorrosive coatings based on elastomers for: Ponds, Floors, Valves and Piping exposed to acid solutions and corrosive environments. 4-. High Alumina Ceramics: Ceramic coatings for Hydrocyclones, Centrifugal Pumps, Grinding Mills, Sanitary Industry, among others. 5-. Industrial Thermal Insulation Products: Ceramic Fibers, Thermal Insulation in all its forms for uses up to 1600ºC: in gaskets, plates, blankets, bulk and projectable. 6-. Refractory Products: Monolithic Refractory Plastics and Concretes; Insulating Bricks G 20, G 23, G 26 and specialties for foundries; Basic Refractories. 7-. Industrial Furnace Repair Services: We repair boilers, furnaces and industrial ovens, guaranteed energy savings. 8-. Passive Protection Services for Seismic Isolators: Technological development developed by ICCH and certified by DICTUC. 9-. Abrasive Products: Grinding stones, vitrified and resinoid sandpaper; mounted points, die files; cutting and grinding discs in all types and sizes; aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding powders; buffing; microspheres. 10-. Products of Personal Protection Elements: Masks, Masks and Filters, Ear protectors, phono type, sponge, silicone.

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