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Innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency will be key topics at the XVII International Congress of Expomin 2023

The XVII version of the most important mining exhibition in Latin America, Expomin 2023, to be held between Monday, April 24 and Thursday, April 27, 2023, will have a full and interesting program of activities.

Publicada: Thursday 26 de January del 2023
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The XVII version of the most important mining exhibition in Latin America, Expomin 2023, to be held between Monday, April 24 and Thursday, April 27, 2023, will have a full and interesting program of activities. As part of the fair, Expomin will include an international congress with an extensive program of activities where the main challenges of the sector will be discussed and how innovation, sustainability and the development in the use of renewable energies can contribute to the growth of the industry. The event, which will be held at the Parque Fisa events and convention center in the Pudahuel district, will bring together the most important exponents of Chilean and international mining, with the active participation of mining companies, high-tech suppliers, startups and institutions that are part of the mining ecosystem. Amparo Cornejo, Tech’s Vice President for South America and also president of the Expomin 2023 International Congress, will be in charge of leading the seminars and keynote speeches that will take place during the exhibition. In this instance, topics of national and international relevance for the industry will be addressed, including innovation, development, sustainability, competitiveness, employability, gender equality, productive efficiency, renewable energies, digitalization and safety, among many others. On the occasion, Francisco Sotomayor, executive director of Expomin 2023, said that “this international meeting will address the major challenges of the mining sector, its development for the future, the challenges ahead, and the new technologies and alternatives for a more sustainable industry”. The first module of the congress, Mining in the Region, will begin on Monday, April 24 at 15:00 hours, and will be dedicated to the current mining panorama in Latin America, analyzing the risks and opportunities linked to the present and future of the industry, also considering new strategies for the correct development of the industry. In this way, it will seek to contribute to the economic development of the participating countries, providing solutions for the correct mining operation. Subsequently, panel 2 “Challenges in Mining” will address the current scenario of the industry, considering the changes that have been generated after the beginning of the pandemic, highlighting the new strategies in the sector, the incorporation of new technologies, and the projections for 2023 and in the future, and the importance of the incorporation of new technologies for development. On Tuesday, April 25, Expomin will highlight Sustainability as a driving force in mining, presenting in its international congress panel 3 “Trends in Sustainability and Environmental Axes”, panel 4 “Energy Efficiency in mining: Reducing our carbon footprint”, panel 5 “Circular Mining and Technologies oriented to waste management”, ending the day with panel 6 oriented to “Desalination Technologies: Impact and socio-environmental opportunities”. In this way, the importance of the balance between mining growth and environmental care will be highlighted, thinking about social welfare and the reduction of the carbon footprint on the planet. Subsequently, on Wednesday, April 26, starting at 9:30 a.m., the meeting will have four modules focused on the development of new projects and the opportunities and barriers that are present in the mining world today. Among them, the following panels will be considered: “Sonami Supply Committee”; “Presentation of projects – copper”; “Presentation of lithium, gold and other projects”; and “Challenges in mining exploration”. Finally, on April 27, Expomin will present three modules for the closing of its congress: – “Development of people, inclusion and gender equity”, which will analyze the working conditions in mining, barriers in the development of the various professional careers in the sector, discriminatory, abusive and/or not very inclusive behaviors, the different realities experienced by mining workers and the retention of talent in mining given the high competitiveness and low skilled labor. -IOT, Digitalization and Technology 4.0 in Mining”, which considers automation and intelligent solutions for the development of mining, digital transformation as an important factor to contribute to the development, improvement of processes, productivity, costs and sustainability. -Cybersecurity in Mining”, which will address issues related to the need to strengthen cybersecurity in the industry, considering a standard control to protect data against possible computer threats. In view of Chile’s role in the mining industry, the event expects to promote innovation in the field, provide tools for its development in the country, and contribute to the relationship between companies, promoting the creation of direct and indirect jobs that are produced around the fair. MINING IN CHILE In 2022, exports in Chile totaled US$97,491 million, up 2.9% (+US$2,762 million). Imports, in turn, steepened to US$104,407 million CIF, up 13% over 2021 (+US$12,210 million). Chile is currently the world’s second largest lithium producer after Australia and has one of the largest reserves in the world. In the coming weeks, the government of President Gabriel Boric will present its national lithium exploitation policy, which includes the creation of the National Lithium Company, as announced by the Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel, at the end of last year, inviting the private sector to participate.

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