ITRS presents at Expomin 2021

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Press Expomin –

With over 75 years of accumulated experience, ITRS has forged its reputation as the destination for absolutely all tire repair needs. Not only do we provide the necessary tools to repair tires of any size, including all OTR sizes, we can also teach and certify your team to perform these repairs, thus saving you time and money. Our extensive range of products, tools and equipment cover everything you will need for tire repair, sector repair, retreading, etc. And with our experience, knowledge and technical support you will efficiently execute any type of repair. Our proven technology allows you to safely repair up to 40% of your discarded tires. The mining sector has benefited greatly from our services and numerous mines have benefited from savings ranging from $800,000 to $8,000,000 US dollars in a single year. We have also specialized in our service by offering an internationally recognized comprehensive certification program. We have been offering and refining our tire repair training and certification for over a decade. As a result, our programs and techniques have constantly evolved to keep up with the latest technologies, including cable replacement, where we have been at the forefront of the science behind it. Of course, intimately linked to our business is the environmental aspect in which we contribute to keeping tires in service throughout their useful life instead of disposing of them prematurely. By recovering damaged tyres from waste tanks, we are contributing to a significant impact on the environment and therefore contributing to a greener tomorrow. Last May was a moment of special pride for us, as we officially opened our newest branch in Chile to better serve the country and neighboring countries. We are proud and committed to continue to grow the tire repair industry.

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