Le Grand Chic: delivering well-being to workers

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The company with more than 100 years of history expanded its market to the sale of workwear, bed and hotels; custody and wardrobe services; transfer and maintenance, thus delivering a complete service for the comfort of workers. When it comes to quality and prestige, Le Grand Chic fully fulfills both attributes. This company that for more than a century has been dedicated to the field of clothing and its maintenance, today is already positioned as a supplier of workwear of the highest international standard. “Le Grand Chic is represented by Dickies, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of workwear, so we can deliver a high-level uniform program for employees in all types of industries,” says Lorena Vergara, the company’s commercial and new business manager. But Le Grand Chic goes further and decided to provide all the necessary products so that each employee is served in their workplace in the best possible way. That is why today it is able to help equip the dormitories of mining sites; dress with the best elements beds and bathrooms and even maintain and repair those clothes that need fixing. Added to these services is the custody of Personal Protection Elements and the Roperías de Faena, which solves with a high level of control and security the issue of the transfer of equipment and uniforms. Le Grand Chic concludes this virtuous cycle with the washing of everything that the collaborator uses to fulfill his tasks. “Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive service, so that each person has access to the best products for their well-being in their workplace,” says Manuel Contreras, general manager of Le Grand Chic.

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