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MACCFERRI Environmental Engineering arrives at EXPOMIN 2021

Founded in Italy in 1879, Maccaferri operates today in more than 100 countries and on 5 continents. Since its foundation, we have been dedicated to environmental engineering and civil infrastructure,

Publicada: Monday 6 de September del 2021
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Founded in Italy in 1879, Maccaferri operates today in more than 100 countries and on 5 continents. Since its foundation, we have been dedicated to environmental engineering and civil infrastructure, especially in the areas of geotechnics and hydraulics. We are a world leader in the gabion segment and currently one of the largest and most diversified producers of geosynthetics in the world. We operate in different sectors of the market offering our solutions for the most varied needs. We are a vertically integrated company; we research, develop, manufacture and supply materials and technically support the construction of our solutions. The global presence of our offices and manufacturing facilities means you’ll never be far from Maccaferri engineers and the support they can offer your projects. Our knowledge is shared through business with our clients; our expertise is provided locally by our experts. We strive to always develop the best solution, minimizing carbon emissions, production waste and reusing materials whenever possible. Committed to offering technical and durable solutions for engineering works, Maccaferri, through its Research and Development department, has constantly evolved its products and solutions, according to the needs of the market, engineering and the planet. With the current changes in the world, mentioning particularly the environmental conditions, engineering works are much more requested, requiring engineering solutions with greater solidity and performance, that is, better products and solutions, with properties that, in addition to fulfilling their purpose and purpose (need for an engineering solution) and preserving the environment, have a longer service life, greater resistance to chemical and mechanically aggressive environments, thus providing greater performance in the works. As an illustration of the above, we cite below two examples among many others in which these changes are noticed: • Environmental restrictions: which increasingly limit the areas of landfills and waste deposits and make soil substitution more expensive. This forces to design the engineering solution with preference in the use of local soils, generally heterogeneous and with a geotechnical quality lower than those required, thus imposing greater efforts and requirements to the adjacent works and the consequent demand for a greater performance of the same. • Space restrictions: the evolution of inhabited centers and their infrastructure needs consume more space every day, increasing waterproof areas and reducing the gutters of watercourses. These factors, respectively, increase the volume and speed of runoff water, requiring greater abrasion resistance and durability of hydraulic works. New solutions are developed to keep up with changes in the environment, in the face of the extreme demands of aggressive environments, such as: pollution and high exposure to UV rays, bringing to light the need for new technologies, such as the new line of gabions and double twist solutions POLIMAC®. POLIMAC® solutions have a better performance for the levels of demand to which they will be subjected, which are proven through abrasion tests and exposure to UV rays, respectively ABNT NBR 7577 and ISO 4892-3, allowing a greater performance of the products in the engineering works. With POLIMAC technology® incorporated into the entire line of double twist solutions, Maccaferri offers the latest in research and innovation, staying at the forefront of engineering solutions for infrastructure.

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