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MAXAM will be present at EXPOMIN 2023

MAXAM celebrates its 150th anniversary; 150 years of history since Alfred Nobel founded our company in 1872.

Publicada: Tuesday 21 de March del 2023
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MAXAM celebrates its 150th anniversary; 150 years of history since Alfred Nobel founded our company in 1872. From the beginning, we have maintained our commitment to our clients’ success, which after all is our success, dedicating our technology, knowledge and experience to provide them with the security, stability and confidence that their projects require. Today at MAXAM we are a leading company, a leader in our areas of activity with 90 subsidiaries in more than 40 countries and sales in more than 100 countries spanning the five continents and with a team of more than 5000 people with the talent, experience and knowledge necessary to consolidate MAXAM as a global technology leader specialized in providing value through the proper use and application of explosives energy. Our values: what we do, how we do it, and above all who we do it, guide us into a future that has been and continues to be full of challenges and opportunities. Our focus is on creating sustainable value in the mining activity by improving the safety, productivity and cost reduction of the mining operation while reducing the environmental impact and contributing to social welfare. Such an approach is supported by automation, where knowledge and technology can drive these improvements by MAXAM partnering with our clients to identify opportunities and, working together, develop tailored solutions. In times of limited resources, volatile commodity prices, declining ore grades and stringent commitments to environmental and safety impact, new approaches to sustainable mining strategies are key to mining’s long-term survival. A major concern is the efficiency with which energy is used in all unit operations and ore extraction processes. The scenario of safe, productive and sustainable mining operations, driven by intelligent decision making, has been made possible by connecting the physical world of mining with automation, digitization of information and intelligent analytics. Energy consumption in downstream operations in the mining cycle and its performance is potentially influenced by the energy generated during blasting which is the best in the extraction process. At MAXAM we are aware that the careful and deliberate use of the energy deployed by the blasting plays an important role in downstream operations. This scenario of intelligent and efficient energy use is at the core of MAXAM’s approach, which is why in recent years, we have dedicated much of our efforts and resources, from process technology to application engineering, to combine drilling operations using state-of-the-art, proprietary integrated computer systems with the use of our higher energy explosives, new applications and more advanced initiation systems. This combination of data analysis, systems, products and applications, which make up our X-Energy® solution, allows us to manage fragmentation in a selective, controlled, safe, intelligent and sustainable manner, offering our customers around the world, through our services, commitments to increase the efficiency and costs of their operations reflected in continuous improvement programs and solutions through Mine to Mill optimization programs. The key to our X-Energy® solution is, starting from the knowledge of the material to be blasted, the design and application of selective charging with different energies within each pit based on that knowledge. This is possible thanks to our flagship product, the RIOFLEX® and its wider range of energies and flexibility that make it unique in the market. Thanks to X-Energy®, well-to-well, using dynamic drilling logging (MWD), our RIOBLAST® software, our X-ROCK®, X-LOGGER®, X-TRUCK® and BLAST CENTER® digital tools, selective charging with the RIOFLEX® Smart and our RIOTRONIC® electronic initiation systems, we are able to achieve optimal fragmentation, eliminating the undesirable effects of blasting such as ore dilution, excess vibration, airwave, excess damage, flyrock, nitrous gases, oversizing, etc. Applying the most energy where it is most needed contributes to reduce emission levels, due to the lower volume of explosive used and of course the lower energy that will be needed in the downstream comminution processes. The integration and analysis of data allows to generate a feedback loop and therefore a continuous improvement in the productivity and sustainability of the mineral extraction processes. It is for all of the above reasons that at MAXAM we continue to bet on the future, intensifying our participation in development programs and technological applications, collaborating with companies, universities and European and global institutions, putting all this knowledge and experience at the service of our clients.

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