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This new version of Expomin will feature innovative and technologically advanced proposals in sensitive areas such as safety and efficiency in transportation.

Publicada: Thursday 23 de March del 2023
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This new version of Expomin will feature innovative and technologically advanced proposals in sensitive areas such as safety and efficiency in transportation. One of them comes from MIGTRA, a company founded in 2017, which develops artificial intelligence solutions to increase productivity and prevent accidents in ground transportation systems for industrial, mining and logistics operations. The solutions provided to the industry have earned this Chilean scale up the recognition of the sector as well as that of other spaces that see in the tools developed a contribution to the improvement in the functioning of operations. One of the most recent is the one received in 2022: The Innovation and Technological Development Award in the Small Company category, granted by the Chilean German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for the APP ArmonIA, the first “Siri” of Mining, developed in conjunction with SQM. Currently, MIGTRA is a strategic partner of companies such as SQM, Codelco and SPL, among others in Chile, and manages 176 fleets and more than 5,800 vehicles. What and how MIGTRA does it : MIGTRA’s solutions use and integrate the information that transportation systems already have, i.e. dispatch guides, GPS or access controls. This data is processed in artificial intelligence engines and other self-developed algorithms, capable of identifying operational improvement opportunities and predicting situations that may threaten the productivity and safety of the transportation system as a whole, such as bottlenecks, loss of resources due to waiting times, idleness in fleets and other operational resources. What we offer to avoid: Road accidents: RA (Risk Accident Risk) Solutions are able to detect and quantify the risk associated with the main causes of road accidents in fleets such as: – Speeding: RAEV® – Driving fatigue: RACC®. – Fatigue: RAF ® – Microsleep: RAMS ® – Short and long distractions: RDLC ® On-site accidents: These solutions permanently and without human support analyze images from security cameras to detect accident risk situations in operational areas. All of them have the potential to alert in situ and in real time, in order to allow timely corrective actions. Our management methodology to avoid accidents: 5 Minutes Safe is an effective and proven methodology to quickly reduce the level of accident risk in transport fleets and operational sites using best practices. Solutions to increase productivity It is a set of solutions capable of increasing the operational efficiency of on-site transportation systems: – Armonia: the Siri of Mining, a virtual assistant that understands natural language and delivers answers by voice. – MIGTRA ETA: Artificial intelligence capable of accurately estimating the arrival time of vehicles at loading and unloading areas. – MIGTRA Operational Videoanalytics: Through security cameras, the productivity of operational areas is monitored and evaluated. Solutions based on operational analysis, times and resources: – MIGTRA Reports: Set of reports that summarize the operational performance of the transportation system for defined periods of time. – MIGTRA Live: Displays in real time a map with the operational status of each vehicle, site and zone. – MIGTRA Dashboards: Group of dashboards that show the operational status, in real time, of the transportation system. Solutions associated with sustainability: – MIGTRA Carbon Footprint, quantifies the emissions generated during transportation operations comparing them with the optimal level according to the activity.

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