Mining needs suppliers who add value. We know. For this reason, RedNegocios CCS joins Expomin.

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Suppliers are a key player in the value chain!, is a phrase we have heard for years. When we see reality, we notice that there are always areas of opportunity for process optimization. Supplier management is a complex task, finding, validating, controlling, are processes where endless decisions are made that affect the results. RedNegocios CCS, belonging to the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago is a company that was born with the purpose of supporting companies in the management of suppliers and in making strategic decisions. It does this through the analysis and periodic monitoring of suppliers using Technology, Direct Integration with Official Sources, a Team of Experts and an online Platform that gives visibility to companies on their entire ecosystem of suppliers. Having them properly segmented, categorized, validated and accredited, incalculably facilitates administrative tasks and above all decision making. Having control panels that with graphs and daily reports that can indicate the risk index of a supplier evaluated in more than 50 variables is a strategic tool of high value for mining companies that seek effectiveness, productivity and reduce risks in the hiring of suppliers. Purchasing departments are key to the health of a company and Red NegociosCCS is its perfect ally to add value.

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