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MOLYCOP GROUP will exhibit at EXPOMIN its enormous production in steel balls

Molycop Group is a world leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of steel balls for wet grinding of minerals.

Publicada: Monday 6 de September del 2021
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Molycop Group is a world leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of steel balls for wet grinding of minerals. It has production operations in the main mining areas of the world: Its total production capacity is 1,800,000 MT distributed in 12 plants worldwide, and 4 of them are located in the regions of Peru and Chile. Its history in Chile begins in 1961, since then it has been manufacturing a growing volume of forged steel balls for grinding minerals. They currently have different manufacturing lines, manufacturing balls in a range of 1 to 6.25 inches. Together, these different production lines accumulate a nominal production capacity of more than 472 thousand tons of balls per year, variable depending on the combination of diameters to be manufactured (‘product mix’). All this production capacity and geographical distribution, in addition to an extensive and consolidated logistics network, provide a solid security of supply according to the needs of its customers, even in case of Force Majeure. “Our mission today is to continue being leaders in the national and international market: on the one hand, with a product of high quality standard and, on the other, in the search for new variables or improvements in technical service, security of supply and subsequent -Sales that identify us so much,” said Marcelo Lorca, Commercial Manager of Molycop Chile. They have continued to explore new technologies to innovate and support their customers with cutting-edge technology, focus and training, so it stands to reason that it will be an important part of their participation in the next edition of Expomin 2021. For this fair, which would be originally held at the beginning of 2020, they have had to adapt both in content and form, hoping that all possible conditions are met for its realization in a hybrid format between face-to-face and virtual. Fortunately, digital is no longer new to Molycop and its teams, as they have been even closer to their customers in this new scenario, says Marcelo Lorca, thanks to the continued conducting consultancies, seminars and online workshops, covering more clients and gathering a wider audience per session (compared to what could be done when you have to do in person in the field). “No doubt there will be surprises that we prefer to leave for visitors, but what we can anticipate – and what has us waiting for us – is this reunion with our customers, collaborators and friends. To be able to comment on what we have done during the last year and a half, and take advantage of the space to clarify doubts or talk in detail, precisely with those who have been part of our workshops and consultancies, “said Lorca.

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