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MST Global specialise in technology for harsh industrial environments that empower you to unearth safety and productivity improvements.

Publicada: Tuesday 20 de July del 2021
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MST Global specialise in technology for harsh industrial environments that empower you to unearth safety and productivity improvements. Since 1989 this Australian founded company have consistently delivered innovative solutions that not only address the needs of underground and surface mining customers today, but also their future needs. This METS (mining, equipment, technology and services) company operates globally across six continents and have supported installations across over 300 mine sites and counting. MST’s technology enables you to build true digital ecosystem, offering end to end solutions for network infrastructure, communication devices, IoT sensors and automation processes, safety and tracking technologies, and software solutions. MST’s SENSA smart sensors are wirelessly connected to the network allowing you to control and automate your mobile and fixed assets. Monitoring and tracking of your personnel and assets are achieved through MST’s wearable TRAK tags that provide real-time insights and alerts. Voice and communication technologies from the MST FUSION product family support you when you need it the most. This would not be possible without the right network infrastructure and wireless technologies in place. The MST AXON smart network can handle all these data and connectivity requirements, including all future needs, making it the essential foundation of your digital ecosystem. In 2010 we launched our 2D Visualisation and Tracking software, ICA and Minedash. This offering not only helped shape your experience underground but also empowered safety and productivity improvements across your operations. Our software tracking engine has advanced greatly over the last 10 years and with that, births our next-generation software platform, HELIX. https://mstglobal.com/technologies/software-solutions/ The HELIX platform has all the luxuries of a modern interface and platform whilst building your digital ecosystem. Meaning we pull in all your data across your software, hardware and third-party integrations into one platform, making it easier to manage and commission. The complete digital ecosystem with MST Global now brings together software and hardware solutions particular to the mining industry, delivering a real-time geospatial digital twin. This year we are proud to also be increasing the direct touch points in the locations where our customers exist. We are reopening an old office in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia and have a new office opening in Peru. If your goal is to achieve operational excellence across mining, tunnelling, remote construction or in a quarry MST Global are here to help you.

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