Normet Company Profile at EXPOMIN: Safety in the Underground World

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Normet is a Finnish company operating globally in more than 50 locations in 28 countries around the world whose mission is to improve underground mining and tunneling processes using our expertise and technology for the benefit of our customers and society as a whole. Our value proposition, defining the Underground Future, consists of three main pillars that highlight our experience and approach: 1. Ensure a safe and sustainable future – adopting safe and sustainable solutions for all underground operations to build the safest places underground. 2. Innovating for Performance: Providing the Best Understanding of Process and Productivity 3. Partnership for the future: co-developing with our customers solutions to meet business needs. Normet fosters a strong collaboration with its customers. We have accumulated process experience in thousands of mines and tunnel projects around the world. We bring a broad perspective based on experience and knowledge on what should and should not be done to achieve optimal results. Normet improves underground mining and tunneling processes with knowledge and technology that translate process experience into actions and financial results. Normet has a wide underground offer: › Equipment for spraying and transporting concrete, loading explosives, scaling, lifting, installation and logistics work. › Construction chemicals for shotcrete, mixtures for all types of concrete, injection systems for rock improvement, reinforcement systems for high deformation conditions, waterproofing systems applied by spraying and chemicals necessary for tunnel boring machine technology (TBM) covering hard rock, earth pressure balance (EPB), open face and slurry type machines. › Innovative, high-quality rock reinforcement products that reduce the risk and consequences of accidents and facilitate high productivity in challenging rock conditions. › Services for underground mining and tunnel construction, including spare parts, equipment rental, equipment refurbishment and modernization, performance and field services. › Normet has delivered more than 12,000 purpose-built underground machines that are serviced with a broad portfolio of services. In Latin America, Normet is the leading partner of new underground technologies, such as shotcrete scanners (SmartScan), virtual reality simulators for operator training, and battery electrical equipment for underground operations. Normet currently employs more than 1300 business professionals with a passion for doing “big” things for its customers and for the industries the company serves.

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