Novatech to participate in Expomin with engineering solutions

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Press Expomin –

NovaTech, a company specialized in engineering solutions based on the use of geosynthetics and complementary systems, will participate in Expomin, the most important mining fair in Latin America, to be held from October 25 to 29 of this year.. With more than 18 years of experience, we offer internationally certified quality products, advice in the execution of projects and solutions to the mining, energy, construction, hydraulic, transportation and environmental industries, among others. Since 2002, and with the help of a multidisciplinary team in the area of science and engineering, we have provided support to both the public and private world. We have also formed strategic alliances with organizations of Chile, Europe and North America to develop and meet the demand of the Latin American market. Some of our featured solutions: Sludge Dewatering and Water Recovery: A variety of industrial processes and effluents require the separation of solids and liquids, allowing the reuse of these. For this purpose, mechanical systems have been developed, using motors, pumps, etc., which are intensive in resources, infrastructure and energy. However, TenCate developed a very simple concept, which is to pour these liquids with solids, also called sludge or riles, into large “bags” made of woven geotextiles (Geotube®), where through its fibers the water is drained leaving the retained solids (filtration process) with low energy consumption. These geotextile containers can be as little as one cubic meter or up to a little more than a thousand cubic meters capacity, which allows attending a wide variety of processes, including the dredging of frequently used decantation lagoons, being able to process and dehydrate millions of cubic meters. A relevant use is in mining, by allowing the re-exploitation of tailings already deposited in dams and that for their recovery can be fluidized and dehydrated in our Geotube® units. Under the same principle of confinement of industrial sludge, Geotube® Structural units are designed and manufactured, which are used as dikes, breakwaters or containment barriers to reduce or suppress marine and fluvial erosion, and that, due to their versatility and simplicity of installation, some industries such as mining also use them to redesign dams or lagoons and separate areas. Stabilization and reinforcement of roads, platforms and slope: For soft soils problems or adverse geotechnical conditions and where the challenges are to place high tonnage machinery for road works, work platforms, as well as to solve the stability of slopes, we use integral woven geotextiles, for example the Mirafi® RSi or Mirafi® H2Ri series, which due to their spinning pattern and manufacturing technology, integrate reinforcement, separation, filtration, confinement, drainage and capillary management, among other technical benefits, in a single geosynthetic. These geotextiles, complemented with the appropriate design methodologies, allow us to build a geotechnical system capable of increasing load capacity of the infrastructure and absorbing high load and traffic requests without the need to increase the thickness of the road or platform, managing to optimize the resources allocated to movement of land being able to reduce the sections between 40 and 70%, also reducing the costs and emissions generated by heavy machinery. In mining, these advanced geotextiles can be used when the closure of a tailings dam is generated and must be protected or rehabilitated for an eventual use of the surface. Also, in the construction of mechanically stabilized walls in the different works of the industry, eliminating the risks of rotational failures, among others.

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