PcVue Solutions software developer present at Expomin 2021

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PcVue Solutions is a software development company, which in turn offers hardware and applications as a global service for various markets, innovating since 1981 with headquarters in France. It has 15 branches around the world, which has allowed it to be an international supplier of the SCADA platform offering product versions in 10 languages, with more than 50 value-added distributors, in addition to hundreds of system integrator partners; with flexible offers for any type of project with high availability, modular, competitive, complete and innovative. Thus, in 2015, the office in Chile was established to serve all of Latin America. In addition, PcVue has gained experience in a wide range of application areas, an advantage in understanding the precise needs of its customers. This allows it to offer a number of products, each of which provides for a specific industry or service, as thousands of sites are monitored and controlled by PcVue in the areas of mining, energy, transportation, building management, infrastructure, water and waste services, oil and gas, among others. It should be noted that the company relies on its network of partners to ensure exceptional service, with satisfaction of the product on a global scale; certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for its quality standards and environmental awareness. At the same time, the solutions that PcVue provides are aimed at protecting your security, given that computer systems are increasingly exposed to threats with potentially dramatic consequences. Since its creation more than 40 years ago, PcVue has pioneered many evolutions, at the forefront of progress, and right now the company is offering remote solutions, which allow its customers and partners to achieve advances in the efficiency of the commissioning, operation and maintenance of automation systems, to automatically present relevant information and allow the control of actions to mobile workers according to their location. physics and their role in the organization. Technological innovations Today, technologies evolve very rapidly and require permanent adaptation. For this reason, monitoring systems must be flexible and open to integrate the technologies of different companies and the future, being the case of PcVue, which combines experience and innovation to offer modern and adapted solutions. Currently, monitoring is mobile, connected, and based on IT infrastructure. This OT/IT convergence requires a platform adapted to meet particular security constraints. PcVue provides a unique web and mobile platform that enables secure connections and authentication (Https and OAuth technologies) and offers a unique user experience with HTML5 technology.

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